LP Gas Installations

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   What Is LP Gas?

LP Gas, also known as Liquid Petroleum Gas is a mixture of 2 gases called Propane and Butane. These 2 gasses are stored under a balanced pressure and then it turns to a liquid form. The boiling point of LP Gas ranges from -42°C to 0°C, and is both safe and clean, that is why many homes in South Africa uses it as their main source of energy indoor and outdoor. It is mainly used for cooking and heating and save you an enormous amount on electricity bills.


Gas Stoves

We provide a full LP Gas Installation for stoves, which is straightforward way of preparing your food. A Gas Stove is easy to use, fast to heat up and a clean way of cooking, making it very cost-effective.

Gas Geysers

The biggest benefit of Gas Geysers today, is that it saves you a lot of money on electricity bills. Using a LP Gas geyser is very effective as it provides you with instant hot water and it only heats up water as required.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas Fireplaces especially helps for those cold winter nights by heating up your home in a pleasant way. This way, your home heats up quickly and efficiently. The biggest benefit is that it is environmental friendly and more healthier than other types of heating methods.

Gas Braai’s

LP Gas braai’s and barbecues is an easy, safe and clean way to cook. It provides you with instant heat, which is easy to control.

Compliance Certificate

We offer inspections of current systems and the issuing of compliance certificates. We can provide you with a safety check to make sure your Gas Installation  Pretoria based is properly inspected and leak free, then we can issue a certificate that you can register with your insurance company. Remember that if you have no certification, you will not be able to claim from your insurance. Do not take the unnecessary risk.

Gas Deliveries

The Royal Gas is proud to provide not only certified Gas Installation for home and commercial use, but we also provide Gas Deliveries all over Gauteng.